The Guess Who 
   With 14 Top 40 hit singles, two of which went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100; and a long running record of proven successful live shows; The Guess Who, Canada's first international rock superstars, are one of the best buys in the live entertainment market today.

   Benefitting from the emergence of "classic rock" radio stations throughout North America, The Guess Who has seen its fan base broaden to include more of the baby boomer generation, on down to today's teenagers.  However, it is the strength and the highly regarded reputation of their live performances that has tremendously increased their popularity.

   It is a popularity that has also been earned through repeatedly demonstrating themselves to be a band that truly appreciates their audience and is willing to put forth the extra effort to ensure a memorable experience at every show.  Whether it is setting aside time for radio and television interviews, participating in "Meet & Greets", or signing autographs at the merchandise table until the last fan has left, The Guess Who is truly both a promoter and fan friendly band.

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Top 40 Hit Singles

#22 Shakin' All Over            
#6   These Eyes 
#10  Laughing             
#22  Undun                
#5    No Time             
#1    American Woman           #1    No Sugar Tonight            
#17  Hand Me Down World #10  Share the Land  
#29  Albert Flasher
#19  Rain Dance
#39  Star Baby
#6    Clap for The Wolfman   
#28  Dancin' Fool