Mitch Ryder

High octane, turbo, high performance, explosive, super-charged - MITCH RYDER & The Detroit Wheels does not need to hail from the Motor City for those adjectives to be tossed their way, but it certainly was appropriate that they call Motown home. For it was Mitch and The Wheels who served as the musical bridge between the Motown soul factory and the high energy, take no prisoners rock 'n' roll that would roar out of Detroit via Iggy & The Stooges, MC5, Ted Nugent and Bob Seger.

Just take a listen to Mitch's 10 hit  "Jenny Take a Ride" and you can hear the explosive quality, that has been there from the very start, with the way the introductory chords are chomping at the bit to swoop down into the double-time mid-section. Or how the thundering bass drum triggers the ecstatic roll that kicks off  "Devil With A Blue Dress On", which climbed to 4 on the charts.

And with a live performance that has been described as a kinetic frenzy, The Wheels have always known what they have; confidence bridging on cockiness - with they way they telegraph their punches forever Little Latin Lupe Lu, with building the audiences expectations to fever pitch before hammering down the riff, or with Chris Brantley's and Paul Kramer's trailing guitar licks. And then nailing it all down big time. One punch, KO, Mike Tyson-style.

As one fan put it - We saw Mitch Ryder perform on a hot sweltering August evening before a large crowd, where Mitch was every bit as hot as the weather! He had the house rockin' and rollin' to his many hits including the noted classics "Devil With The Blue Dress On", "Jenny Take A Ride", "Sock It To Me Baby" and "Little Latin Lupe Lu". Everyone in attendance thought it was a GREAT show! If you get the chance to see Mitch Ryder in person, do so. You won't be disappointed!

With Mitch's peerless soul shouting .... ripping ....... away over the top; no one, but no one, has ever kicked out the rockin' R&B jams better than Mitch!